Manager, Public Health Systems

Government of Northwest Territories

Job Information

Located in Yellowknife, the Manager, Public Health Systems (Manager) reports to the Director of Population Health and has a functional reporting relationship with the CPHO and Deputy CPHO, and has statutory responsibilities delegated by the CPHO under the NWT Public Health Act and the accompanying Disease Surveillance Regulations and Immunization Regulations. This position is critical for the development, management, protection, privacy and integrity of data acquired and maintained in repositories and information systems, with a specific focus on the timely and accurate registration, collection, management and storage of data for reportable tests and diseases, population health outcomes and indicators, and vital statistics essential for the monitoring of population health status, disease and mortality trends. The data influences decision-making for program development and/or resource allocation priorities as well as territorial surveillance and clinical case management.

This work is essential to the HSS system in meeting national accreditation standards for public health services.


– Knowledge of the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding;

– Knowledge of software/hardware component trends to analyze and recommend upgrades to management to enhance their technological capabilities;

– Knowledge of business practices, acts and regulations as they pertain to public health in order to analyze and recommend changes or upgrades to current systems and databases, or to establish or change information sharing agreements and practices;

Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by:

A degree in health information management, public health or related discipline and five (5) years of relevant experience including one (1) year of supervisory or team lead experience.